About Wooda

The name WOODA invokes wood; a wooden house in Bali, in the jungle of Colombia or in the Pyrenees.
A wooden house is comfortable and warm. Wooda reflects this because we offer a home for digital nomads or really anyone who lives away from their home country wanting to feel comfortable, and at home.
Wooda also sounds like Buddha, spirituality, peace and mindfulness.
wooda mission

Our MISSION is to match digital nomads with their ideal coliving spaces, offering optimal work and living conditions anywhere on the planet.

values in wooda

We believe our VALUES are in sync with you:

  • Caring… for the environment, the community and the individual.
  • Open minded… of cultures, thoughts, gender, beliefs, open for change, for ideas and improvement.
  • Nimble… to respond, to learn and to move ahead!

The idea of Wooda appeared to Noemí after many years as an expat in various countries in Europe and South America. Her background as Project Manager for various international Telecom projects led to her own experiences as a digital nomad. Thinking how great it’d be to share living quarters but also spare time activities and professional advice in a community in a foreign country, the idea of a coliving platform was born. Noemí considers herself a world citizen in love with the Mediterranean.

Débora is a Brazilian who has lived and worked in several different countries and her lifelong dream has been to jump from country to country and city to city while working. This dream led her to joining Wooda at an early stage, excited about the idea of helping like-minded people realize their dream of a nomadic lifestyle. She is licensed in social communication with an emphasis on advertising and a specialist in digital marketing.


We hope to be useful and joy for you!

Thanks for being here and everywhere!

Would you join us?